About MAP

MAP (mindset, attitude, philosophy)™ is the basis for everything you do—it is the why of life.


Everything you do and say is a mindset, grounded in your attitude towards others, which, in turn, is based on your personal philosophy.

And although there are as many types of MAP as there are people, our focus is on good MAP, which (in no particular order) means positive, open, flexible, honest, secure, innovative, interested, people-centric (not me-centric), enthusiastic, patient, sincere, encouraging, caring and creativity-loving.

MAP is changeable, actively in ways that you consciously choose and passively through outside influences—our focus is on active change.

Changing MAP

Your MAP is completely within your control.

Changing it requires a strong desire, heightened awareness and a journey through the four levels of competence:

  • Level 1 unconscious competence (You never consciously reach Level 1)
  • Level 2 conscious competence
  • Level 3 conscious incompetence
  • Level 4 unconscious incompetence.

MAP is the barrier between learning and doing—whether in management, leadership, parenting, whatever—think of it as the difference between stain and paint.

  • Paint learning means coating what you already think with new ideas or approaches. The problems arise when underlying attitudes and thoughts, i.e., your MAP, are inconsistent with the new ideas—the greater the discrepancies between the two the more difficult it is to successfully implement them.
  • Stain learning means that the new ideas sink in and actually become part of your MAP. That also means being willing to change your MAP when the value of the new ideas is greater than the cost of change.

If it sounds like a lot of work, focus on the fact that in winning the high stakes game of innovation, productivity, motivation and retention the right MAP is worth far more than money.

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