Recognizing that staffing has ROI is revolutionary.

Hiring is an investment: time spent and money spent. The ROI starts with good productivity during the hiring process itself; here success is measured based on the productivity of the employee hired x the length of time the employee stays with the company.

Your job as a manager is to have the highest possible ROI on the hiring investment.

MAP is the reason why many managers find staffing (recruiting, interviewing, closing, hiring, etc.) frustrating, stressful, and not conducive to good productivity, especially since the resulting hire can either help launch a company/manager to new heights or, conversely, set the scene for disaster—and the result is squarely the manager’s responsibility.

Changing MAP alleviates managers’ negative feelings, focuses the drive to make staffing a core competency at all management levels and helps managers retain employees tomorrow by hiring the right person for the right position and for the right reasons today—the only way to raise hiring ROI.

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