MAP Coaching

For years organizational productivity has been recognized as success-critical. More recently, studies have convinced companies in industries as diverse as financial services and fast food of the substantial impact of culture and the enormous cost of turnover.
The need to improve the former and reduce the latter is driving the realization that to change what employees do, managers must change how they think!

“David A. Brandon, CEO of Domino’s Pizza says, “You can’t overcome a bad culture by paying people a few bucks more.” He believes the way to attack turnover is by focusing on store managers “hiring more selectively, coaching them on how to create better workplaces and motivating them with the promise of stock options and promotions.” (Wall Street Journal, 2.17.05)
“The SAS culture keeps employees content and keeps them from leaving. On average, software companies turn over more than 20% of their employees each year. AT SAS, it’s around 3%. And according to Stanford University business Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer, that 17% difference conservatively saves SAS 70-80 million dollars in recruiting and training costs each year.” (60 Minutes, 10.13.02)
Frederick Reichheld, author of The Loyalty Factor (1996) and Loyalty Rules! (2001), shows in carefully researched studies that a 5% improvement in employee retention translates to a 25%-100% gain in earnings.

RampUp Solutions provides companies and individual managers with the knowledge and expertise to reinvent their MAP, thereby improving organizational productivity, which increases profitability and makes the managers look good to their bosses.
Start now! Enhance/improve/change your MAP with

creative use and promotion of culture,
incentives that work more effectively
empowering management communications, and
improved staffing skills.

You know that great companies are built by passionate people and that passion is ignited by great management and sustained by great culture. We are dedicated to helping companies and individuals ignite, support, channel, and sustain that passion.
We offer cost-effective, reasonably priced MAP (mindset, attitude, philosophy)™ coaching to startups, growing companies and individuals resulting in top performance, high productivity, increased employee, partner, supplier, and customer loyalty, and profit.