Clarity REwriting

The trick is to use the fewest possible words to present even the most complex information in the most understandable way. That’s clarity.


— Miki Saxon, founder, RampUp Solutions

Your business plan, especially the executive summary and investor presentation, must be cogent to the point of turning on jaded VCs and investors. Is it?

The information on your website is meant to interest/enthrall/stimulate/challenge/make curious and create desire for your product or service by showing it to be the solution. Does it?

Company policies must be understandable to all employees or they won’t be followed. Are they?

The real power in written words comes from clarity (“free from obscurity and easy to understand” –WordNet, Princeton University), which is rarely the hallmark of lawyers and legal-leaning minds, exhausted founders working 100+ hour weeks, or even marketers intent on “saying it all.”

Clarity REwriting

  • saves you time;
  • prevents misunderstandings;
  • gives you a fresh perspective; and
  • lowers your stress.

We don’t create the text, we clarify and polish whatever you already have, adding the power to make it happen and we do it at a price you can afford.

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What people say about Miki…

Miki rewrote all the texts on our English website The task was especially challenging since we are a Language services company among other services providing internationalization of websites for our clients and thus cannot afford poor English on our own website. Miki did an excellent job adapting our texts for an American reader applying her marketing skill and making them flow smoothly. I am very pleased with the result and will certainly recommend her creative rewritting services for any company aiming at the US market. –Polina Rybakova, Marketing Manager, ABBYY Language Services

I am very grateful for your assistance in the preparation of English-language training materials for the competition start-ups. I am sure that high quality materials allowed us to get to the finals, a prestigious competition organized by the largest fund DFJ & Cisco. In addition, we received invaluable advice on doing business, communicating with Western investors, business ethics and more. THANKS!!! Alex Kostyrya, CEO, ePythia

I hired Miki Saxon to edit a book I co-authored with someone with a very different style from mine. If you’re looking for someone to do an outstanding job editing your work, offer great insights, push you to make your deadlines, and come in ahead of time and on budget, you need to hire Miki. –Phil Gerbyshak, Author, Speaker, Relationship Geek, Make It Great! Institute

Miki is a great person to work with. Within a few days she was able to turn our Executive Summary into a masterpiece. Upon presentation at a VC Roundtable meeting [VC Taskforce Elevator Pitch Roundtable] our presentation was voted top for the evening. Miki provided great insight into our process of raising funding, well beyond simply helping with the writing.
–Jeff Shood, President, Intuvo

Miki Saxon is a word master. There is a new trend called ‘data-ink ratio.” What this means to me is that you want to say a lot with a little ink. Refining your message to be clear, consise, and convincing is a skill. Miki has that skill. I highly recommend her for making your marketing powerful. –Lois Landau, CEO, Reach Communications

Miki has been instrumental in rewriting our websites clearly and in really good English; this has been critical for us because we have few native English speakers and we work in the US market. I would recommend her rewriting services to anyone who wants marketing texts that are smart, meaningful and fun. –Nick Mikhailovsky, President, NTR Lab

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