In today’s lean companies with their flat organizations, people at all levels are required to make decisions on their own and act without detailed supervision—a situation that demands accurate and complete information and clear management communications.

Beyond any other skill, it is MAP (mindset, attitude, philosophy)™ that affects managers’ willingness, ability, and success when they communicate with their people.

Management communications is a catch-all phrase to describe all the different things managers do when interacting with their people: how the managers talk, what/how much information they share, how they use email and what they write, their actual management style, etc.

But it is people-empowering management communications (PMC) that helps managers align employees’ personal goals and objectives with those of the company and utilize vested self-interest (the most powerful motivator known) to achieve them—and PMC can’t happen without good MAP.

At the same time our coaching is helping you reinvent the MAP responsible for PMC, we’ll show you how to people-empower the management communications you already know, and teach you new management communication tools and techniques. Combining them all lets you make powerful changes in how information is shared and used—changes that turbo-charge your organization.

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