MAPping Culture

A successful culture is fundamental to creating and maintaining a motivated and inspired workforce and the source of culture is MAP (mindset, attitude, philosophy).

Culture is the direct outcome of the top person’s MAP—whether for the entire company or an individual department, group or team. It is successful when

  • people are coming to work energized, excited and passionate about their role in the company; and
  • are constantly encouraged to come up with ways to improve the company, its products and themselves.

Culture is MAP in actionâconstantly growing and changing.

Our coaching helps you chart your MAP and its attendant culture, its effectiveness, what to enhance or change and how to accomplish your efforts most efficiently. The result is a continuous evolution of your existing vision, core values, philosophy, mindset and attitudes; the evolution that creates a living, conscious culture that is flexible and sustainable, as opposed to a bunch of words tacked to a bulletin board or written in the employee handbook.

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